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We spent pleasant mornings and afternoons browsing the quaint shops, refueling in the local restaurants that looked good, and spending time with our family. Discover more, take a break and we have already started a list of things we can do on our next visit, including cycling the Monon Trail. We could eat a burger at Bub's Burgers, stop at Grand Junction Brewing in Westfield, or start in northern Hamilton County and pick it up. If you like, visit the 62-mile bike path that runs from Muncie to Marion through Richmond, Indiana to Muncie.

The Sun King Brewery in Carmel is a great place to grab a drink while exploring Carmel. Located on the Monon Trail, which runs through the Midtown District, it serves as a one-stop experience for food and drink. The Nickel Platte Express offers themed railway trips and there has long been a living history museum on the site, which also houses a local history museum and the history of the city and its people.

Although Noblesville is close to Indianapolis, you won't find an arrival option as often as you do in Indianapolis. There is, however, a bus to Nobleville, and a small plane is scheduled to arrive at 942 Maple Ave, which is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nobesville's Main Street is also just a few blocks from Indianapolis International Airport, which also serves buses to Nobsville and back.

This is a great stop if you are looking for a child - a friendly hike or just a bit out in the open. Choose from a programme that includes hiking, cycling, horseback riding, mountain biking and even a - own - cycling tour. Test your skills by riding K-Trails Equestrian Adventures or using a rope to tackle the trails at Noblesville Nature Center, a 1.5 km trail system with a variety of trails.

Whether you're looking for an adult, just a getaway or a trip with kids, Hamilton County is a great destination for the perfect stop on a road trip. From the city to Hamilton County, visitors will find a wide range of attractions, from hiking, biking, horseback riding and mountain biking to fishing and camping. There are a lot of things to do in Carmel, Indiana, even if you want to travel without children. Road trips offer the opportunity to explore off the beaten track and discover new things in your backyard that you may have missed before.

The heart of downtown Noblesville is the Hamilton County Sheriff's Residence and Jail, built in 1876. In 1879, the Hamilton County Courthouse was completed, which now houses the HAMILTON County History Museum.

A narrow portion of Noblesville stretches east to the Madison County Line, where it is bounded by the town of Ingalls. To the north, it borders the town of Bloomington, a small town with just over 1,000 inhabitants.

Noblesville's history dates back to 1818, when the government bought land in what is now Hamilton County from the area's Indians. As the only settler living in the area at that time, he founded the first trading post in central Indiana in 1802 and lived in its first log cabin.

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