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A judge has given the Indiana Transportation Museum until July 12 to vacate its longtime home in Bloomington, Indiana. Today at midnight is the deadline to move it from its current home at the Indianapolis Natural History Museum.

In May 2017, the city accused the museum of violating the terms of its forest park lease after discovering chemicals on the site and prompting the Indiana Department of Environmental Protection to investigate. The museum filed a lawsuit in Hamilton Circuit Court in April 2017 after the city failed to renew the lease on the space and gave the museum until June 1 to move.

The court also asks the court to require the Hoosier Heritage Port Authority to grant the museum access to the railway line to transport equipment.

For many years, the line also included Indiana Railroad short-distance freight trains, but it did not operate any day-trip services and Norfolk Southern cut off the service to Tipton in 1997. The Indiana Department of Transportation removed the bridge that connects it to CSX while rebuilding Interstate 70 in Indianapolis. For years, museum staff have offered tours of the nickel-plate railways that cover the length of Hamilton County. Although the museum was never completed, the public has the opportunity to fully appreciate the restored demonstrations of railway wagons and locomotives.

The museum's volunteers hope to bring as much equipment as possible to the museum, which has been operating in the park for 52 years. The museum offers tailor-made school tours, which can include a train ride, as well as a tour of the railway tracks and other exhibits.

The Indiana Transportation Museum is a purely voluntary, non-profit museum dedicated to preserving and showcasing Indiana's railroads, sharing equipment and information with the public, and operating trains to show how people have traveled across the country in the past. The museum, based in Noblesville, Indiana, and its collections also offers a nickel plate excursion organized by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and Indiana State Parks. Amenities at the park include the White River Greenway Trail, which runs through Forest Park, as well as the National Park Service and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The museum is featured in a number of events and has a variety of other exhibits as well as an afternoon program to teach children the history of the railroad and its history in Indiana.

Noblesville is also home to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana State Museum and the National Park Service's Forest Park Service, as well as a number of other museums. Nobles County, Indiana, home to the University of Indiana and Indiana University, Nobesville is also home to several museums and galleries, including the American Institute of Architects, the Indianapolis Art Museum and the Indianapolis Public Library.

Electric - Motive Diesel Building at Indiana Transportation Museum (GP9 - 200) And the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum of Motor Vehicles. Electric - MOTIVE Diesel building at Indiana Transportation Museum, GP 9 -200, and Electric Motives and Dieselbuild at Indiana Transportation museum.

While the museum is located in Noblesville, it has the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum of Motor Vehicles in the Indiana Transportation Museum in Indianapolis in its collection. The car was built by the Cincinnati Car Company in 1923 and later used by Indiana Railroad. Nickel Plate Express regularly conducts themed rail trips between Indianapolis and Indianapolis, Indiana. The operation with steam locomotives at the ITM is quite appropriate, considering that steam locomotives used to run regularly.

Visitors and residents alike are drawn to the beautifully preserved Historic Noblesville Square, where the old commercial buildings surrounding the historic Hamilton County Courthouse are home to a variety of mom-and-pop shops. You can travel downtown Nobleville and find block after block of houses, many of which are built in the Victorian style that was so popular during the 19th century. On the southwest corner of the courthouse is the Hamilton County Historical Society and Museum, which also houses the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office residence and jail.

Created by Hamilton County Tourism, Inc., this small arts center offers a variety of activities, from meeting artists themselves in their studios to art-based activities for children and adults, all in partnership with the City of Noblesville. The website is also maintained by the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Indiana Historical Society and Museum. It has long been a living history museum and is still one of the most popular attractions in Nobleville.

This unique volunteer railroad museum showcases Indiana's railroads by offering a variety of preserved railroad equipment, including fully functional tour trains that run from Noblesville to destinations throughout Indiana, including Logansport, Kokomo and Santa Claus. The museum houses many pieces of railway history, with locomotives and equipment related to the nickel plate railway. This equipment was moved from its original home at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Indiana Historical Society and Museum.

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